Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my blog

 Well folks,
   Here it is. My first non-fiction book: "From New Hampshire to New Delhi:  Baba, India and Me"
   It chronicles my 1985 journey to Bangladesh and India with my Baba, my husband and a Sufi guru. Straight from my journals, it is a our love story and a time when we, two cultures, and two historical destinies collide yet remain connected. Our  one of a kind "backstage...wizard of Oz" tale will be fully "born" in three weeks and will be available through my publisher at their web site:
   I know this entry and book cover are just teasers.  They are teasers that mark the beginning of this electronic communication and although short and questionably technically correct, I will make them as truthful and descriptive as possible. 
  I welcome all questions and comments.

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