Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HI folks

    Forgive me for not keeping up with blogging.  No excuses.  Thanks to all those who bother to read this and to the many who've read the book.  You amaze me with your: "what happens next?," "Do they stay together?", "How could you stand those conditions?",  "I guess I'm too Americanized to do what you did?"  "I come from Dover New Hampshire.  Thanks for letting the world know that we too have fun and adventures."
     Many have encouraged me to keep up with the blogging, get on Facebook, write Ezines, make an Ebook, speak out, promote and promote some more.
     So, it is with joy that I meet the next challenge.  I will be interviewed on the radio show 'All About Women', by Diana Donlon this Wednesday, Sept 1st at Englewood FL WENG radio (1530am and 107.5fm)  at 11 am. Check out their website:  wengradio.com  where you'll find archives of the show.   And look up Diana's website: womensoutlook.com.  She publishes a bimonthly magazine by the same name which is chock full of great ideas, recipes and adventures. She also hosts the talk show every Wed. at 11 am on WENG 1530AM and makes possible the largest yearly expo in Southwest FL, coming next Feb.
     WENG listeners call in. I'm up to tackling all questions.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She is born!

A large brown stork, called UPS, officially delivered my book Saturday morning,  May 9, 2010.  "From New Hampshire to New Delhi: Baba, India and me" is an actual reality!   I held the first copy close to my heart. It seemed I could still smell the heat of the presses, the ink of the print and feel the water near the Taj Mahal. Not quite like a holding a real human baby, but close. 
   I've put her picture somewhere in this blog. Please look for it.  I've got to call some family now, so I'll come back in a few days and we'll chat some more. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beat Stress...Breathe

Namaste dear visitors: 
   Swamiji here.  My distant cousins Baba and Maraya asked me to drop by. They thought my ancient yoga  might help you stressed writers. No wonder! Dealing with all that Facebook, Twittering, Blogging, Traffic and Free Radicals. I'm told that even my distant nephews have Raspberry phones, or some such fruit! 
   Enough! When I was in your form, I trained a Yogi master, who trained another Yogi, (not to be confused with Yogi Berra), who trained another yogi, who trained that mystifying magician of yours, David Blaine. But human credentials are real and non-real. Just like your flowers. The daisy is yellow but no. It reflects yellow. It is not yellow. Real and non-real. The power of words.
  Back to my subject. Breathing. You all do it. Now you must learn to do it with focus and release your anxieties. The Universe can handle it.  So breathe with that belly of yours. Let the prana follow your spine till it fills the top must bellows, uh, lungs. Say "taking in peace" or "yeah, way cool". Say any thing or no thing. Now let go. Just let go. Bye bye crap. 
  Now notice that empty space just before the prana rushes in.  That still space is the Void where all exists. All creativity and every thing else you need exists there. Feel it out!
  Aah! Shiva shivers up and down the Kundalini path. What a way to go. Breathing in life and letting life go. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello and Welcome to my blog

 Well folks,
   Here it is. My first non-fiction book: "From New Hampshire to New Delhi:  Baba, India and Me"
   It chronicles my 1985 journey to Bangladesh and India with my Baba, my husband and a Sufi guru. Straight from my journals, it is a our love story and a time when we, two cultures, and two historical destinies collide yet remain connected. Our  one of a kind "backstage...wizard of Oz" tale will be fully "born" in three weeks and will be available through my publisher at their web site:  www.JimSamInc.com.
   I know this entry and book cover are just teasers.  They are teasers that mark the beginning of this electronic communication and although short and questionably technically correct, I will make them as truthful and descriptive as possible. 
  I welcome all questions and comments.