Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HI folks

    Forgive me for not keeping up with blogging.  No excuses.  Thanks to all those who bother to read this and to the many who've read the book.  You amaze me with your: "what happens next?," "Do they stay together?", "How could you stand those conditions?",  "I guess I'm too Americanized to do what you did?"  "I come from Dover New Hampshire.  Thanks for letting the world know that we too have fun and adventures."
     Many have encouraged me to keep up with the blogging, get on Facebook, write Ezines, make an Ebook, speak out, promote and promote some more.
     So, it is with joy that I meet the next challenge.  I will be interviewed on the radio show 'All About Women', by Diana Donlon this Wednesday, Sept 1st at Englewood FL WENG radio (1530am and 107.5fm)  at 11 am. Check out their website:  wengradio.com  where you'll find archives of the show.   And look up Diana's website: womensoutlook.com.  She publishes a bimonthly magazine by the same name which is chock full of great ideas, recipes and adventures. She also hosts the talk show every Wed. at 11 am on WENG 1530AM and makes possible the largest yearly expo in Southwest FL, coming next Feb.
     WENG listeners call in. I'm up to tackling all questions.


Shirley said...

Hi Maraya ,
This is Shirley from Dover, NH. I just want to thank you for letting people know that we NH folks aren't merely "country bumpkins"...and that we too have great adventures.

Bob said...

Hi Maraya,
Heard your archived talk show this morning. It was interesting to hear your voice go down low and slow, and then break out in laughter and excitement. I'm beuying the book today!